Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sean Ingersoll and friends go for 'highest soccer match in Oregon'

Taking Soccer to new heights in the Oregon Cascades    This blog entry--scroll down for the video--is a testimony to how Oregonians feel about their footy.  Anywhere anytime!   The mad manager of FC77 Rangers gives us the full story at The Offside.   

Monday, August 2, 2010

A new spin- homeless soccer tournament creates opportunities

I heard a news story today recounting the journey of a soccer team made up of people recovering from homelessness to a national tournament.  The team,  the Portland Torrent,  felt the trip was a success.   I thought this was yet another example of the way the game can change people's lives.

The MLS Designated player

I notice in this morning's news that Freddie Ljungberg played his first match as a Chicago Fire player following his trade from the Sounders.   And apparently contributed thirty minutes of play without giving anything away.   As I read the articles talking about the deal with the Sounders,  I began to wonder at what point a "designated player" loses that standing and no longer qualifies to fall outside the salary constraints?  A
player like Ljungberg at 33 is at some point going to fall into a different category.   No disrespect intended but there are a limited number of these 'designated' slots and so who those folks are becomes a marketplace discussion I would think.   I sniffed around the MLS website but didn't find anything that clarified the answer,  so I shot an email off to them asking for a clarification.   Stay tuned for answers.