Saturday, October 13, 2012

Brief snapshots of football...

Life has been happily tumultuous which has meant that I have had less time to pay attention to the Game.   A couple of events deserve mention,  I think.
I watched a streamed match of the junior teams for Barca and Wolfsburg the other night.  I was curious to see how the next likely squad of players from the Spanish machine looked.
The answer was 'impressive'.   At the end of the evening,  the red blue and gold side had notched five goals to Wolfsburg's none.  And while much of the scoring was done with real individual flair,  the process of getting there showed a continuation of the style that Barcelona has made famous and popular.   This crew looked good.
On a different day I watched the Portland Seattle match on the television.  Everything about that game was disheartening.  The first own goal off Futty's foot.   The followup goal by Johnson who stood alone and waited for the ball to come to him.   The failure of the Timbers to figure things out and regain their poise.  It was not a game I want to remember. 
I read afterward that Caleb Porter had set the lineup so as to look at the play of some folks who might not make the cut next time around.   That apparently is why Wallace and Palmer were at the outside back positions,  slots that have been terrible for us all season.  As well, it might explain why Fucito was subbed in as a forward instead of Danny Mwanga.   Overall, the game highlighted issues that have plagued the team all season--getting burned on the wings and failing to put the ball in the net when we've had chances.   Oh, and there is a question about the midfield's ability to step up and deliver the ball to the attacking end.  
It will be interesting to see what unfolds over the winter.  I don't think we have the back line that we need for starters.  I'm hopeful that a little bit of rage makes the team come out and chew the Whitecaps up for that one road win and the Cascadia Cup. But then I'm inveterately hopeful.