Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Whatever Happened to?

Alex Nimo, the dynamic but small player who came out of Benson HS and provided some exciting local color as the Portland Timbers closed out their USL campaign,  has not been mentioned much.  A quick search shows that he's still pursuing his career as a player.  "Sparing: Drutex-Bytovia - Pomorze PotÄ™gowo 5:3" was the headline in a Polish newspaper review  .Alex Nimo in Poland   A reminder that being a soccer player anywhere other than the top tier of play is a daunting task.  Best wishes to Alex and also that he comes home at some point, safe and whole..

Sunday, February 5, 2012

People have been asking what I think about Boyd

A look at Kris Boyd heading up Rangers shows a guy who clearly has the nose for goal and the quick foot to slip the ball in.  He's got a left foot which is a good thing.  And he's capable of tussling for the ball in the box based on some of those video shots.  Does the MLS stack up as tougher than SPL?  Some folks have suggested that Boyd is either in decline or can't play at the higher level based on the limited time he spent in the EPL.  I'm guessing that the MLS is overall a tougher league than the Scottish league---but at the top, Celtics and Rangers, Motherwell and Hearts are good sides.  I'm hopeful that Boyd has three strong years in him, and that as an opportunist in front, he'll give us excitement on the top this year.    The Oregonian noted that "While with Nottingham Forest, Boyd was coached by Billy Davies, Spencer's brother-in-law. Spencer said Davies knows his system and the MLS well and recommended Boyd."  Some folks might infer that the insider connection made Boyd an easy choice,  but I'm guessing that's not the case.  I suspect that Spencer and Wilkinson get commentary from a broad universe of their soccer connections- relatives included- and this would only have gotten more than a look if Boyd showed something positive to them.  I like the choice myself.  My only fear is that Boyd will get injured (Valencia?).  Barring that I'm just waiting to see what number they put on his jersey and how quickly he can be match fit.  Oh...and for the first sweet pass Chara can feed him in the season opener.