Friday, February 18, 2011

Charlie Davies and all

Was happy to see that Charlie Davies is back in the DC United side after the year and a half recovery from his auto accident.  While I wouldn't want to say I'd like to see him get by any of our defenders as the season opens,  I hope he's fully recovered and not lost the magic that made him a compelling player for the US National side.  We could use some more 'oomph' there.

On a completely unrelated note,  my friend and teammate, Mark, sent me a snippet of Zach Dundas who apparently will be writing for "The Run of Play".  He's got an engaging writing style and speaks for many of us who were soccer outcasts during the long lean years.  I look forward to reading more of his comments.  Even better he's from Portland.  And lord knows we need more soccer writers from PDX.  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another season. Another gray day in February. Decades pass.

The game goes on.  And those of us privileged to step out on the field treasure these moments.  We know they don't go on forever.  
This past Saturday FC77 Old Nicks faced off for the first time ever against our brothers, FC77 Newcastle for an actual match.   The spirit was jolly.  The play was a little rusty it being the first game of Winter Season. But it was excellent. 
The end result was a loss for my boys, Old Nicks, on a last minute strike by Dean Jones,  talented striker that he is. Otherwise it was an even contest and a good reason to lift a few pints at the legendary mobile Bierstube de Fithian Barrett. We are blessed.  There are few men who get to experience these full moments so long in our lives.