Sunday, March 10, 2013

Now this is passion for the game.

 Jeff Wallach,  soccer player, Mojo, and sportswriter recently published this piece on Lajos Balogh, another one of the old guys who are not ready to give up playing soccer.  Lajos is an extraordinary guy,  an accomplished violinist and orchestra conductor among other things.   
Many of the guys on my team remember back--perhaps fifteen years-- when we played a match against Masterbooters,   Lajos' club team.   After the game was over,  Lajos came around to our side of the field and offered us streussel ( I believe I've got that right).   The pastry was delicious and we thanked him and asked if he'd baked it himself.  His reply caught us by surprise.    "My mother baked it."   Since he was in his seventies at the time,  we thought what an astonishing thing it was that he was not only out on the pitch with us but that his mom was still baking for his teammates.   Legendary.