Sunday, October 31, 2010

USL Title goes to Puerto Rico

Yesterday my calendar chimed to remind me that it was the second leg of the USL D2 championship.  I knew from the paper that the Railhawks had dropped the first one to the Puerto Ricans 2-0.   I thought it might be exciting to see or follow the match.   Well,  it amazed me to find out that not only did it seem there was no coverage of the match,  it was hard to find out about the match at all.   Going to the USL website,  I found no obvious mention of the D2 championship at all.  Puerto Rico Islanders had an announcement and a streaming feed with the first game in the titles but nothing worked when the game started.   And the Railhawks,  even this morning,  only have a sidebar urging people to buy tickets.   The commentary for the game says there was a large crowd of "over five thousand people".   Whoa...that's exciting.  Anyway I guess the impending reconfiguration of the D2 league next year has left those involved less than motivated.  Not a good sign.