Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Timbers acquire Jack Jewsbury...Midfielder

I'm not the most well-connected Timbers fan in PDX by any means.  I have had friends tell me, though, that word on the street is that the club has been working hard on getting a playmaking midfielder,  a Beckenbauerish person ( I know that's real old timey and Beckenbauer is most remembered as a sweeper) who has great field vision and can create opportunity.   I also have heard a lot of comment that 'the mystery midfielder' they wanted isn't to be had.   I don't know if any of that's true or not.
However,  I was struck by today's news that the Timbers had come back from a tussle with Sportif KC back in the heartland and are suddenly the new possessors of Jack Jewsbury,  a midfielder who has been a solid part of the KC franchise.   Jewsbury is probably not the 'mystery midfielder' the team was working to acquire but I'd say he reflects an unspoken reality for our guys.  
Jewsbury is the guy with the pedigree of eight successful years in the MLS wars who can settle the team,  deliver the assist in the attack, and whose mettle is unquestioned on the defensive edge.  Jewsbury's just about to turn thirty so he's old enough to be the player younger guys look to as the season turns tough.  And his callups for the national side give him additional field cred.
I'm guessing as the club's wise men look around the roster,  they're seeing the need for the anchor, the rock solid player,  who can look everyone in the eye in a half-time dressing room during a hard-pressed match,  a guy who can say "settle down boys.  We can do this."   
Jewsbury might just be that guy.