Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kenny Cooper traded as Timbers strategize in SuperDraft.

Kenny Cooper was traded today to the New York Red Bulls in exchange for a high pick next time around and money.  It's not a real surprise.  Cooper didn't show well last year though I think he got a rough ride in the press and it didn't seem clear that the team was using his skills well.  I had predicted, in discussions with my fellow footballer, Mark, that he'd still be on the roster and Eddie Johnson would pass on.   Amateur gawker from the sidelines that I am, I forgot the strategic value of a potentially strong player who still commands good money when it comes to wheelin' and dealin' time.   Based on the cool tone of the Timbers' release regarding the Cooper trade,  I'd guess that there was as much a problem of style and chemistry as of failure to thrive in the transaction.  But again, I might be overreading the cards here.    From a slightly different point of view,  I have to wonder what New York will look to Cooper to do.  Cooper's name is listed on the NY roster right next to Thierry Henry.  And the Red Bull squad has four other forwards.  Two of them are young- Agudelo and Hetrzog- and Cooper isn't likely to be backing them up.  Luke Rodgers is a 'bull' on the field.  He's thirty so maybe Cooper,  slightly younger,  will give Rodgers a breather.  Who knows,  maybe New York feels he's just a marker in their own trade situation.   
Regardless,  I hope we don't see Kenny back on the field here creating problems for our side like the last trade to New York,  Stephen Keel.