Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fracas Espanol

Just watched Barcelona play Madrid in this week's Copa match.  Not as entertaining a spectacle as I would hope.  Alexis seems to be a hack magnet lest Barcelona have a newer and younger talented player to come up the ranks as the legendary players age.  He took many ferocious chops.  Puyol was magnificent in that one moment- the only moment in a match- when he slammed a header into goal to give Barcelona parity.  Was the Abidal goal an offside?  I couldn't tell from the replays but sad if it was.  This Classico deserves to play out with no uncertain elements.  In a thought far from the details of this particular game,  I find myself thinking about the inevitable tide of time and the reality that the players of today are getting older and will someday be legends but no longer competitors on the pitch.  Messi.  C.Ronaldo.  All of this is fluid.  Sometime years from now there will be revivalists who say that Barcelona in this age was the best team ever, Clockwork Orange was the best team ever, it goes.  And I am in no position to judge but willing to sit and watch regardless.  It's the Game.