Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The arrival of autumn

Last Saturday was the opening of Fall men's league.  It was a beautiful afternoon.   The field was groomed and green.  Our opponents were guys we've known and played against for years.  I feel lucky after thirty some years to be able to be stepping out on the field and playing.   

Last week also brought a change in my status.  I got a new job,  an exciting new job,  and so my choices about what I'm doing with my time are changing.   Through the summer I've kept up with posting on this blog frequently.  I've enjoyed it.  And found the challenge to write steadily worthwhile.   Because of my new reality, though,  I am not going to be posting commentary with the aim of staying up with contemporary events.   My original intent with Sodden Pitch was to extend people's access to material about the history of the game in Portland and Oregon.  I will,  as I have time,  continue to work on interviewing long time participants and posting their comments.  I will also continue to scan and publish materials from years past.   I hope readers with questions or comments will continue to chime in.

On that note,  I post this link to the Portland Timbers NASL Rosters for Jamie who was trying to identify who wore the number 00 back at the beginning of the team.  Jamie was correct that Mick Poole was the super keeper sporting that number.