Saturday, February 1, 2014

Was hoping to see Michael Harrington

in the fray against South Korea today but it appears the left back position is pretty solidly sewn up.   On the other hand,  another familiar Timber name is on the roster and on the field. Eric_Alexander is getting time with the senior squad.  Alexandar played for our side in 2011 and 12 and went, I recall, to the Red Bulls….but you can check the details as they're attached in the link.

On a different topic,  today was the opening of the 2014 Winter Season which I always call the short season since it's only five games.  Much  to our surprise today,  it was short in another respect as the officials had on their schedule to run 25 minute halves.   Not enough time to work up a sweat or get close enough to noon to make a trip to the pub sensible--at least for us old guys.    Maybe a tablespoon of Geritol.   What the heck ever happened to Geritol?   I never hear about it anymore…maybe there's just not enough alcohol in it to make it interesting.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

1920s Player Trophy surfaces

Local business leader, Patrick Donaldson, was kind enough to contact me recently to note that he'd found a small trophy in a chest belonging to his grandfather.   As he relates  "While going through a family trunk I came across a small silver in color trophy.  It had the following inscription on it ' P.S.F.A. Camerons 1924-25 J. Donaldson'.  I suspect it was my grandfather John Milne 'Jock' Donaldsons. He was an immigrant from Huntly (Banffshire) Scotland who worked as a streetcar conductor before dying at a young age in 1950."

I am guessing that the trophy is one given to individual players after successful seasons, in addition to the team trophy.   I'm hopeful that Patrick will send a photo or two along as well as any other information about his grandfather. 

My presumption is that the Portland Soccer Football Association was the mid-Twenties league.   Camerons was likely the select team sponsored and perhaps assembled by George Cameron who gave us the Cameron Cup.   It would have been very consistent with the time for team managers to give a tryout to immigrants just off the boat.  Always looking for that new player whose style hadn't already been assessed by the local opposition.

Thanks Patrick, and please send us pics.   

I've been ferociously busy with family issues in the past several weeks and that's limited my posting.   With any luck at all,  I'll be getting out a commentary on such things as the new Argentine connection wearing green this coming season.

I was happy to see Michael Harrington getting a look at his first cap with the National Team this coming week.  I was interested to note that one of the other guys in the mix was Eric Alexandar,  another Timbers' alum.   I'd like to see Harrington thrive on the World Cup stage….as long as he doesn't miss any games for us.