Monday, March 18, 2013

Portland Timbers- Justice Juice and Jolts

No call foul in the box at 3:56 seconds into this highlight reel of the Timbers v Montreal, a one goal game at the end.   It's hard to argue against the view that the defender #11pushed Ryan Miller in the back of the head taking him down as he streaked toward goal on a beautiful feed from Valeri.  This isn't the first nor the last time in the Timbers' MLS history that what seem clear fouls in the box get a pass from the official.  This one was particularly painful though.

A week later in Seattle,  the Timbers gave up an unfortunate goal early and couldn't pull it back until the 90th minute when Rodney Wallace headed the tying goal home.   I'm not a big fan of Rodney Wallace as a defender but he showed a moment of real class with his header home here.  It reminded me of his goal against the US in an international friendly some years back,  winning the game for his native Costa Rica.   I think the strike in Seattle this past week was at least as memorable for his career stats.   Bringing home a point from the match in the Emerald City was an achievement equal to stealing the Ring from Gollum.

So what am I thinking about this new Timbers' dynasty three games into the season.  I like the confident,  crisp passing and possession style.  It's pretty to watch and it makes sense.  The weakness is that it doesn't pay when the team's down two goals and sands are running down the hourglass.   I like the personnel and have the sense that the potential for the team is greater looking forward.   That's a good place to be at the start of the season.

Fingers crossed and no major injuries.  You'll find me riveted to my seat in Section 209 for the forseeable future.