Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Muttering in January

I have not posted for weeks.  My mother-in-law,  a magical Greek woman, died just as the holidays began.  And other challenges commanded my attention.   Life,  the real life that exists away from football,  rolls along unconcerned about my desire to make a comment on this player or that team or an incident in the Serie A.   And so I am silent.  

Tonight I have a moment away from those realities and I must express myself.   I am very sorry to see Franck Songo'o part ways with the Timbers.   I liked what I thought was his potential, truncated by a different philosophy.   Little did I know.   I am hopeful that the new Porter system will actually use our forwards effectively as opposed to situating them up top but not providing the service to make their presence worthwhile.

I think it may be a bad thing that the team knocked out three goals against the Rapids today.  Hubris is a danger for us.  Let me never mind.