Monday, April 4, 2011

About the ads...

Last year I was unemployed.  And scrambling around for any way to make a little money.  One of my good friends suggested I put ads on my blog and see what I could generate in revenue through writing about something I really cared for.   Something around eighteen months later I was on the verge of hitting ten bucks in revenue.  And I have to acknowledge to myself that I've never written about the game with any thought of how many pennies I can earn from having people click on ads.   To be honest,  I don't like writing for money.  I like writing for writing.  

It's in that spirit that I turned off the ads tonight.  Let me be the April Fool who can't make any moola from his work.  It's alright.  I am hopeful that maybe more readers will be inclined to chime in because they don't have to dodge so many 'opportunities' to buy something.

Thanks to all those folks who have dodged the detritus.  I appreciate your taking the time to visit.