Sunday, February 9, 2014

Thoughts after watching Portland and Seattle battle through their preseason match

First off,  I keep finding myself confused when it seems that every team we play is sporting a former Timber player or two.   Kenny Cooper appearing with Seattle yesterday took me completely by surprise; I obviously need to read my pre game pundits instead of just showing up.   I like Cooper but I wouldn't have thought of him as a likely pick by the Sounders.  Just goes to show how little I know.   

As for the game itself.  I needn't comment on the physicality,  the number of fouls and yellow cards.   That seems to be more than adequately covered--both during the game and in the press after.   Not a great surprise.   What I did like was Kalif  beginning to show some real strength and grit inside with the ball--continuing on his form last season.  I liked our new Argentines.   I liked the attack down the middle into the box with three attackers and a last minute squirt of a pass.  I liked Nagbe a lot.  I liked the general intensity.   But  I also worried a little---we seem to be vulnerable to leaving an overlapping back hanging alone in space on the right side.   Happened enough times that I noticed,  times leaving an open cross against the grain and potential vulnerability.  I'm looking forward to seeing which Timbers side hits the field when the season opens.  There are certainly enough choices.