Saturday, October 25, 2014

End of Season…not end of story

Tonight,  the Timbers gave a good accounting of themselves and soundly beat Dallas 2-0 in the final match of the season,  accruing 49 points.   I've got to say that it has been one heart-palpitating,  groan inducing,  high and low season.  No shortage of excitement.   But at bottom,  we weren't able to do what Coach Porter said early on needed to be done---we couldn't hit 50 points.   And that slim margin was enough to make tonight the end of the season.   Our team is good---very good at their best--and I have my season tickets paid for because I expect to be there to see them go even further next year.    But they are not yet where they can be--not yet the champions I see the potential for,  not yet the electrifying and consistent team that will be remembered two decades hence as legendary.   I want to believe that they can hit that mark--and so I'm in for the long haul.   

As for this season,  I give a solid shout out to the guys who have been there start to finish.  I give my best wishes for healing to Will Johnson,  I hope that injury isn't an end to your career.   And I look forward to coming back to share more joy next year.   

In 2015, we'll be celebrating the 40th anniversary of Portland Timbers' futbol,  a span that covers two thirds of my life.   An occurrence that led to me playing the game for nearly forty years myself.   And with any luck,  still getting out there when that forty year mark arrives.   I marvel at that statistic.   Who would have said,  back in the early days when Don Megson coached and Jimmy Kelly was the 'wee lad'  and Eric Beck recorded 'Green is the Color', that there would be Portland Timbers with a long and proud tradition and a universe of supporters who have RCTID inked on their bodies and their brains?   

I love it.   See you next year!