Sunday, October 16, 2011

Portland Timbers. Last home game.

I wasn't able to be at the game Friday night.  Passed my tickets off to a friend who has been eager to see the team play but hasn't been able to get tickets.  I was at a family event and could only check into the stream occasionally. The course of the game was clear by the time I did.   And disappointing.   
That being said,  I was pleased to hear the 'never say die' chants from the Army behind the announcer's voice.  And the audience in full roar when a call went against us.  I'm hopeful that the team can pull out some more points in the last two games-- just for the record.   If they squeaked into the playoffs,  I'd be happy.
I've already gone out and renewed my seats for next year.   According to the paper over 90% of other fans have as well.   And that's great.  I have enjoyed this past season despite the low moments.  Have seen some great soccer.  Ajax?  And done it in good company in a great venue.   I have faith that the organization will keep working toward its vision of a championship team.   Many of the players this year appear to me to have excelent potential.  And with more time together and some 'hardening',  Iook forward to seeing them out there again.
I remember clearly the dark days when the NASL had folded and there was no local team to root for.  Even without going to the playoffs this is a much much better place to be. 
Thanks PTFC.   Thanks very much.