Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Midseason I have to be impressed by the Portland Timbers

I watched the last ten minutes of the Timbers' away match tonight v the LA Galaxy and decided I had to doff my hat to the work that Caleb Porter and each and every one of the players on the team have done this year.   The possession-based,  clinical style of play that Porter has espoused has made a clear difference in the poise of a group of players who were mercurial in the past,   sometimes hot and sometimes cold.   Tonight's fourteenth contest without a loss nailed that difference.   The Timbers continued to march like a machine through the minutes--no panic,  no hurry,  no goals against.   

We stand at the midway point of a long season,  and I am sure there will be grim moments ahead. Despite that,  I want to say 'thank you' to the club--as individuals who have made the commitment to work to a common purpose,   no hysterics,  and to be confident that on a given night,  their approach to the game is enough.