Monday, July 15, 2013

In honor of Jimmy Conway, support the Alzheimer's walk on Sept 8th.

Dear Friends of Jimmy Conway:

It’s been a while since I was last in contact and I thought it would be a good idea to provide you with a brief update on Jimmy’s situation. After an extended period of seeking appropriate treatment for Jimmy he is, currently, in a local hospital. His disease requires extensive supervision, a constant assessment of his medications and his responses to them. Noeleen and her family are able to visit with Jimmy daily.  

I have taken the opportunity to visit with Jimmy, along with Noeleen, on a couple of occasions and while it is difficult to see Jimmy in his current condition, it is good to know that he is in good hands.

I still attend Timbers games and there’s not a single game passes without someone asking about Jimmy. He did so much for Portland Timbers and the fans love him dearly, as do countless others within this state who have benefitted from his work in the soccer community. We are still receiving notes of support from many of Jimmy’s fans at Fulham and ‘Bohs’ (Bohemians, Dublin) too.  

We will continue to walk as a mark of respect for Jimmy at the annual ‘Walk to End Alzheimer’s’ which, this year, will take place on Sunday, September 8th at ‘Portland International Raceway’. We have re-formed our team from last year and will be participating as ‘Friends of Jimmy Conway’.

Here is a link to the official website. Using this link you can register for the walk (while there are no registration fees – pre-event registration is recommended) and/or make a small donation to the Alzheimer’s Association. Again, our team is called ‘Friends of Jimmy Conway’. Last year we raised more than $5,000 and I’d like to think we can do similarly this year. If you are able to please consider a small donation to an Association who are intent on serving those who suffer from a wide range of conditions under the ‘dementia’ umbrella and to find a cure for Alzheimer’s.

I will provide a few updates by email but I’ll primarily use our ‘Fans of Jimmy Conway’ Facebook page for more regular updates before and after the event. Here is the link to our Facebook page: Please feel free to add your notes of support for Jimmy and Noeleen.

Our team will consist of family and friends of Jimmy and Noeleen. Unfortunately, Jimmy will not be able to walk with us and Noeleen’s schedule will be dictated by Jimmy’s needs. We anticipate hosting representatives from all of the local soccer organizations Jimmy, and Noeleen, have served over the years and look forward to seeing you there. 

Thanks for your support.


Mick Hoban
Friends of Jimmy Conway

503-297-0844 (work)