Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kenny Cooper- Red Bull

I just happened to see that the Red Bulls international crossover match against Pumas was on ESPN stream and tuned in for a look.  All the MLS teams are taking a look at their personnel in real action as the season start gets closer,  so the presence of Kenny Cooper on the frontline didn't mean very much.   Even from a distance on the small screen,  Coop was easy to recognize with his loping style.   He had a couple of looks at the ball in the box, one shanked high and the other,  on a great feed from Dax McCarthy,  arriving awkwardly and ricocheting away.  

As I watched I concluded that what I wasn't seeing was any sign of ferocity or desire to tear up the carpet.  And I believe we're going to need a good dose of that here in PDX as the season opens.   Best of luck to Kenny.  I'm hoping the guys who're trying to fill his slot come to it fierce.