Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Portland Timbers Ink!

My great frustration over the years that soccer has become more popular in our city has been the dearth of coverage by The Oregonian when good and interesting stories have been available to cover.   I can see that the tide has turned in the past week or two as the sports page has frequently had updates on the Timbers' recruiting, drafting, speculating, and training.   All of which is to say that Portlanders who follow The Game have at least a reason to check the sports page.   And Portlanders who haven't yet followed The Game might be persuaded to take a little interest as the stories unfold.   And I applaud The Oregonian's Editorial staff for giving some greater priority to the effort.  
In the mists of the 70s past, local media covered the Timbers with gushing enthusiasm because they had a fantastic and unexpected run to prominence in the old NASL.   And Portlanders,  much to everyone's surprise,  took the team into their hearts even if they did have funny accents, or perhaps because they did.  Maybe it was an early example of why Portland could be 'weird'.  
I am hopeful that Portland's print media continue the decent and insightful coverage of the Timbers and of the game in general two years from now,  regardless of where our crew fall in the table.   The sport has labored for acceptance as something more than an oddity for a half century almost.   Write about it. And write about it well.  Soccer deserves it.