Wednesday, April 22, 2015

CONCACAF Champions League

Over the years there has been little joy in the Champions League for MLS contenders. I haven't followed the competition closely but I've always believed that it represents a measure of how the professional game in the US and Canada is advancing.   The current final pits the Montreal Impact against Club America.   Tonight the Canadiens eked out a tie in Stadia Azteca, only giving up the win on a shot by Peralta in the 89th minute.   The Cup will be decided in a match at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal.   

When all is said and done,  I ponder why the MLS has not shown more success in this competition.  Equally,  I ponder how it is that the MLS side to advance so far into this competition is at the bottom of the table in League play.   They were heroic in the match tonight.  Evan Bush deserves a shout out for extraordinary play to hold the tie.

And I can't help but note the Portland Timbers' alumni.  Kenny Cooper and Eric Alexandar are doing their best in Montreal this time around.