Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cascadia Cup- first bright shiny thing

Jack Jewsbury and the boys in green bust loose.   The Portland Timbers beat the 'Caps in their last chance to win an away match and also to grab hold of the Cascadia Cup after a long and puzzling season.  Looking at the highlights tonight, it appears that they were both intense and lucky in their play.   And what a great feather in the cap of captain Jack Jewsbury whose career in Portland continues to provide him with new heights to conquer.

I know that there was great sadness in the final of the 1975 NASL Soccer Bowl when we went down to the Tampa Bay Rowdies 0-2 in San Jose.   Winning a competitive cup puts a club into the realm of legendary teams.   The march to the Cascadia Cup win tonight, against the run of play in the League, is a marker that will stand for as long as there are Portland Timbers and those who remember and honor the Timbers with fondness.

Next week we close the season out against the Quakes,  the hottest team in the League. Ironic that the Timbers' first championship tussle was in the Quakes' home turf.  We don't have anything to play for but pride,  and a nod to the potential for next year.   So far this year,  we took a game at home against SJ and tied a game away.   For old times' sake,   I hope we kick into high gear and announce that we will be there, armed for bear and ready to rumba next season.