Monday, July 23, 2012

No excuses but observations.

I stood in astonishment as our team was blasted by the Galaxy a couple weeks back and on reflection wondered whether the lynch pin moment was Boyd's early goal which may have created a mental state of less urgency --we can take these guys--- and led to Beckham's gimme shot from thirty-five yards with no one challenging.
Fast forward to last night.  Portland at Dallas and the team disintegrates just like an umbrella put up before a ferocious wind.  Dallas,  a team on crutches,  eviscerates the Timbers in a slow and painful dispatch.
Fast forward to today.   What the hell can we make of this madness?  This unpredictability? This 'choose your adjective' experience?   

I don't know.  But I have an observation.   Last night Red Bulls took on the Union over on the Right Coast.   In that match,  a fella named Kenny Cooper knocked out his 12th and 13th goals of the season.   Watching the highlights of that match, it is apparent that Cooper was a joyful participant in play--receiving a small number of quality balls from which he crafted two goals.   

My conclusion?  Increasingly I think that our team's struggle is not a lack of talent.  We've acquired players who have pedigree and passion.   I am increasingly convinced that we don't have someone who can hammer them into a resolute war machine which takes to the field and shows no mercy until the game is won.
I've been reluctant to put too much weight on the capabilities of the coaching staff,  but I increasingly see evidence that personnel who 'failed' here are now succeeding in other venues.   Conclusion?  

I think serious questions deserve to be asked.  And no piece of the club should be exempt.