Thursday, August 4, 2011

Portland Timbers wallop Los Angeles Galaxy 3-0

First off let's express the obvious.  The Timbers won a match 3-0 for the first time this season.  A resounding win.  The Timbers dimmed the stars of the class of the league, the vaunted Los Angeles Galaxy, and didn't look too stressed doing so.  The Timbers snapped the Galaxy's fourteen game streak of no losses.  Did I say resoundingly?The Rose City side proved thorny to the extreme for these cocky visitors.  I must cheer for Palmer and Chabala, whose solid presence at outside back has taken away all my anxiety about balls coming down the outside.  They were exemplary.  I must cheer for Coop who didn't get a goal  (there was one breakaway in the second half when he had the view and had muscled to the position but didn't take the shot) but who created much and made the visitors mark him hard all match.  Equally, cheers to Perlaza whose goal was excellent and earned.  And medals of valor to all the midfielders who scrapped their way into the game over and over.  Zizzo for his audacity and danger.  Chara for his energy and creative skills.  Brunnner and Horst on the back end. And Nagbe in the middle.  
All in all it was a reflection of what this team can do when they stop outthinking themselves.  When they recognize that they are as good as any team in the MLS when they hit their stride,  they'll be in the playoffs and scrapping toward the finals.   I loved tonight's match because they earned it.  I loved tonight's match because it should be a harbinger of a hot finish to the season.  We've got enough points that we can make our move.  Believe, Boys, believe.