Monday, May 21, 2012

Kenny Cooper...we can't just let go.

On the MLS Extra Time Radio Podcast tonight,  there's a poll.  It asks readers to select among several American players their choic for which one should have gotten a call up to the National Team camp.  Top of the alpha based list is our former striker, Kenny Cooper.   Looking at the polling,  he's also near tied for most popular choice with Sacha Kljestan and Eric Lichaj.    Coop has definitely been having a happy run with the Red Bulls.  And more power to him. Though I never met him,  he seemed to be a genuinely nice guy.   

Back here in PDX though his success in the Big Apple raises a specter of unease.  Particularly when Kris Boyd, who was recruited to fill Coop's slot has struggled to notch goals.  

My sense is still that both forwards are capable and can be deadly.   The question that's not answered is whether their talents are being well-used.   If you've got a striker with a golden boot,  wouldn't you design the team to make sure he gets the service he needs to deliver?   Maybe that's too simplistic.  

Regardless, I think Cooper had a most challenging situation last season for whatever reasons.  And Boyd may be suffering from some of the same weaknesses.   I think I speak for most of the Timbers' fans.  We want the crew we've got to mesh and succeed.   For them and for us.