Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A red card?

Football has its moments of mystery.  One of the strangest in my recent viewing came during a friendly between Ghana and Brazil.   Not a bad match overall.  Two thirds of the way into the first half,   Daniel Opare,  the Ghanaian left back,  dribbled forward with the ball.  At the top left of the box,  he squeaked through two Brazilian players.  Stumbling, he lost the ball as another Brazilian slid through in a tackle  which caused him to stumble further.  He turned,  smiling with resignation,  and as he started walking back,  the referee ran toward him and showed him the red card.   The commentator on this clip says it was a foul on the sliding Brazilian but it sure didn't look that way to me.  Shows how tiny nuances in the game make all the difference in the world.  
Opare Red Card