Saturday, April 13, 2013

Potpuorri de Futbol! While waiting for our boys' next match.

I've been a little frustrated because of constraints on my personal time on the field the last several weeks. I'm sure that will all change now that the O50's Spring Season has started.

We're off this weekend because so many of the guys--on all our league teams--are up in Victoria at the Bill Drew Memorial Tournament  playing under the Mojos' banner.  I'm jealous 'cause we're not there,  but I'm also hopeful that those who went have a great run on the field and come back with no injuries.  Mar and I enjoyed being there but it wasn't possible this year.   

So I'm satisfying myself with streaming football off the web.   And isn't it great to live in a time when you can do that?   Holy cow!   

What did I 'dip into' and sample this past few days?    Well perhaps the most satisfying bit was the derby between City and United which City won.  Again.  I enjoyed seeing it. 
I happened to tune into the Mexican League match between Cruz Azul and Tijuana which the Blues won crushingly with four unanswered goals.  I haven't looked at the table for the league but I enjoyed seeing such fine goals.  The fourth goal was a gem---excellent communication from the top of the box to Xavier Orozco and a crisp shot from a difficult angle.   Made me wonder whether Orozco's available for a loan.
Last off,  I saw that the Thorns, RCTIFD's new women's side tied 1-1 in the first ever match in that league with Christine Sinclair being forced to finish a pk to make the table.   I hope that their 'come from behind beginning' doesn't mean too know we're gettin' this vibe in PDX.   

That's it.  See you in the stands!